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Sound of Colors (2001)

Author: Jimmy Liao [link to author's website]
Illustrator: Jimmy Liao
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company & Lucas Publishing
Number of pages: 80 pages

"Angel told me at the subway entrance to say goodbye to the year, I became invisible. 15th birthday autumn morning, under a drizzle outside the window, I feed my cat good, six five, I went into the underground Iron. " Open a few meters of the" subway ", you can find the beautiful smell, sound, color images in front of a scene to reflect. Followed by the blind girl in the book, together with the sound filled with the sound, see the sound will be issued with the color. So we are in the corner of the city, in the bush of the breeze, in the entrance to the ground, in the sky to the exit, from this station to another station ...

ISBN 13: 9780316939928
Reading Level (grade): PK-3

Available in English.