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The Rain Stomper (2008)

Author: Addie Boswell Illustrator: Eric Velasquez

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Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Children's Books
Number of pages: 32 pages

Today is the day of the big neighborhood parade. Baton twirler Jazmin is ready to lead the way for the dogs and kids, music and fun. But then the clouds crowd in. The sky darkens. Thunder roars. And the rain begins. . . . SLAP clatter clatter SLAP SLAP! Is Jazmin's parade ruined? Or can she use her spirit, her fearless energy, and her mighty baton to save the day? Award-winning illustrator Eric Velasquez's artwork in oil paint on watercolor paper is a perfect complement to debut author Addie Boswell's lyrical, rhythmic words.

ISBN 13: 978-0761453932
Reading Level (grade): 1-3

Available in English.