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The Hula-Hoopin' Queen (2015)

Author: Thelma Godin Illustrator: anessa Brantley-Newton
Publisher: Lee & Low Books
Number of pages: 40 pages

Kameeka is confident that today she will finally beat her rival, Jamara, and become the Hula-Hoopin Queen of 139th Street. But then Mama reminds her that today is their neighbor Miz Adelines birthday, and Kameeka has a ton of chores to do to get ready for the party they are hosting. Kameekas disappointed to be stuck at home and can only think about the hoopin competition. Distracted, Kameeka accidentally ruins Miz Adelines birthday cake, and has to confess to her that there wont be a cake for her special day. But then Miz Adelines confesses something too: shes also got the itchthe hula-hoopin itch! Her fingers start snappin. Her hips start swingin. Soon everyones hips are swinging as the party spills out onto the street. The whole neighborhoods got the itchthe hula-hoopin itch! A spunky African American girl has a hula-hooping competition with her friends in Harlem, and soon everyone in the neighborhoodyoung and old alikejoins in on the fun. With vibrant illustrations by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, The Hula-Hoopin Queen is a charming celebration of family and community ties. Set in Harlem, this intergenerational story shows the importance of staying young at heart.

ISBN 13: 978-1600608469