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Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-ji (2017)

Author: F. Zia Illustrator: Ken Min
Publisher: Lee & Low Books
Number of pages: 40 pages

Aneels grandparents have come to stay, all the way from India. Aneel loves the sweet smell of his grandmothers incense, and his grandfather, Dada-ji, tells the worlds best stories. When he was a boy, adventurous, energetic Dada-ji had the power of a tiger. Hunh-ji! Yes, sir! He could shake mangoes off trees and wrangle wild cobras. And what gave him his power? Fluffy-puffy hot, hot roti, with a bit of tongue-burning mango pickle. Does Dada-ji still have the power? Aneel wants to find outbut first he has to figure out how to whip up a batch of hot, hot roti. Overflowing with family, food, and a tall stack of fun, Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-ji is sure to warm the heart and tickle the tummy. Hunh-ji! Yes, sir!

ISBN 13: 978-1620143520