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Finding the Music / En pos de la música (2015)

Author: Jennifer Torres Illustrator: Renato Alarcão
Publisher: Lee & Low Books
Number of pages: 40 pages

When Reyna accidentally breaks Abuelitos vihuelaa small guitar-like instrumentshe ventures out into the neighborhood determined to find someone who can help her repair it. No one can fix the vihuela, but along the way Reyna gathers stories and mementos of Abuelito and his music. Still determined, Reyna visits the music store, where the owner gives her a recording of Abuelitos music and promises that they can fix the vihuela together. Reyna realizes how much shes learned about Abuelito, his influence in the community, and the power of his music. She returns to her familys restaurant to share Abuelitos gifts with Mama and is happier still finally to hear the sweet sounds of Abuelitos music for herself. With lively illustrations by Renato Alarcão, the tradition of mariachi music comes to life in this bilingual story. Winner of Lee & Lows New Voices Award, Finding the Music is a heartwarming tale of family, community, and the music that brings them all together.

ISBN 13: 978-0892392919

Available in Spanish and English.