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Blackout (2011)

Author: John Rocco Illustrator: John Rocco
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Number of pages: 40 pages

One hot summer night in the city, all the power goes out. The TV shuts off and a boy wails, Mommm! His sister can no longer use the phone, Mom cant work on her computer, and Dad cant finish cooking dinner. Whats a family to do? When they go up to the roof to escape the heat, they find the lightsin stars that can be seen for a changeand so many neighbors its like a block party in the sky! On the street below, people are having just as much funtalking, rollerblading, and eating ice cream before it melts. The boy and his family enjoy being not so busy for once. They even have time to play a board game together. When the electricity is restored, everything can go back to normal . . . but not everyone likes normal. The boy switches off the lights, and out comes the board game again. Using a combination of panels and full bleed illustrations that move from color to black-and-white and back to color, John Rocco shows that if we are willing to put our cares aside for a while, there is party potential in a summer blackout.

ISBN 13: 978-1423121909