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Ring Bearer, The (2017)

Author: Floyd Cooper Illustrator: Floyd Cooper
Publisher: Philomel
Number of pages: 32 pages

Mama's getting married, and Jackson has an important job to do! A story about love, weddings, and the special joy that is a blended family. Jacksons mama is getting married, and he gets to be the ring bearer. But Jackson is worried . . . What if he trips? Or walks too slowly? Or drops the rings? And what about his new stepsister, Sophie? She's supposed to be the flower girl, but Jackson's not sure shes taking her job as seriously as she should. In a celebration of blended families, this heartwarming story, stunningly illustrated by the award-winning Floyd Cooper, is a perfect gift for any child whos nervous to walk down the aisle at a wedding, and shows kids that they can handle life's big changes.

ISBN 13: 9780399167409