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Guacamole: Un poema para cocinar / A Cooking Poem (Bilingual Cooking Poems) (2012)

Author: Jorge Argueta Illustrator: Margarita Sada
Publisher: Groundwood Books; Bilingual edition
Number of pages: 32 pages

Following on the success of Sopa de frijoles / Bean Soup and Arroz con leche / Rice Pudding is Jorge Arguetas third book in his bilingual cooking poem series  Guacamole  with very cute, imaginative illustrations by Margarita Sada. Guacamole originated in Mexico with the Aztecs and has long been popular in North America, especially in recent years due to the many health benefits of avocados. This version of the recipe is easy to make, calling for just avocados, limes, cilantro and salt. A little girl dons her apron, singing and dancing around the kitchen as she shows us what to do. Poet Jorge Argueta sees beauty, magic and fun in everything around him  avocados are like green precious stones, salt falls like rain, cilantro looks like a little tree and the spoon that scoops the avocado from its skin is like a tractor. As in the previous cooking poems, Guacamole conveys the pleasure of making something delicious and healthy to eat for people you really love. A great book for families to enjoy together.

ISBN 13: 978-1554988884
Reading Level (grade): 4-7
Reading Level (A-Z): Preschool-2

Available in English & Spanish.