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A Castle on Viola Street (2001)

Author: DyAnne DiSalvo Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of pages: 27 pages

Andy is so used to his family's small, run-down apartment that he has never imagined living anywhere else--especially not in a new house with a garden and a porch. Such houses seem like castles to him. But when he hears about an organization that turns abandoned houses into homes, he discovers that his castle isn't in the clouds--it's on Viola Street. And with some hard work and community caring, it could be his very own. DyAnne DiSalvo combines new faces with familiar ones from earlier stories in this warm, vibrant tale about the good things that come when a whole family pitches in to make a better life for themselves.

ISBN 13: 978-0688176907
Reading Level (grade): K-2

Available in English.