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Favorite Illustrators - Frank Morrison

Jazzy Miz Mozetta (2004)

Author: Roberts, Brenda Illustrator: Morrison, Frank
Publisher: Macmillan
Number of pages: 32 pages

One fine evening, Miz Mozetta puts on her firecracker-red dress and heads outside to enjoy the moonlight. When she hears the neighborhood kids' music, she's inspired to dance, but her old friends have too many aches and pains to join her. The kids doubt that Miz Mozetta would be able to keep up with them. So she retreats to her parlor, where she dreams about the old days at the Blue Pearl Ballroom. Just when her feet are itching to get out there and do the jitterbug -- friends or no friends -- a knock comes on the door, and Miz Mozetta gets some welcome company.

ISBN 13: 978-0374336745
Reading Level (grade): 2.7
Reading Level (A-Z): L