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Gettin' Through Thursday (2000)

Author: Cooper, Melrose Illustrator: Bennett, Nneka
Publisher: Lee and Low
Number of pages: 32 pages

André dreads Thursdays. Thursday is the day before Mama gets paid at work each week it's the day when money is tight and spirits are low for André and his older brother and sister. As report card day approaches, André anticipates making the honor roll, and Mama said she'd throw a royal party for just such an event. But André can't believe his eyes when he looks at the calendar and sees that report card day falls on the worst possible day of the week — a Thursday. André's predicament and the loving solution that his family offers—results in a warm and touching portrait of a child who experiences a celebration he'll never forget.

ISBN 13: 978-1584300144
Reading Level (grade): 3.7
Reading Level (A-Z): P