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Animal Rescue Team: Show Time (2011)

Author: Sue Stauffacher Illustrator: Priscilla Lamont
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Number of pages: 160 pages

The squirrels at Mt. Mercy College are getting too friendlythey're frightening the students, making the nuns jumpy . . . and they're super messy. It's time to call the Animal Rescue Team! Meanwhile, Keisha's got a problem of her own. The Grand River Steppers jump rope team has a chance to win first place in their school district this year, but Keisha's so nervous, she keeps messing up! When she and Daddy go to the Veteran's Facility to check out their squirrel situation, Keisha meets Sergeant Pinkham, who's learning how to use his new prosthetic leg. Could Sarge be just the person to help Keisha stay calm, do well, and have fun at the competition?

ISBN 13: 978-0375851346
Reading Level (grade): 3-7