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Animal Rescue Team: Hide and Seek (2011)

Author: Sue Stauffacher Illustrator: Priscilla Lamont
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Number of pages: 160 pages

It's autumn in Grand River, and that means getting ready for Halloween. As Keisha and her pals prepare for the school's annual Halloween parade, the Carters are getting ready for trick-or-treaters. Unfortunately, though, the phone rings one morning and a young deer has a plastic pumpkin stuck on his head. He was enjoying the birdseed treat inside when his antlers got caught. What's a deer to do? And how do you get a plastic pumpkin off a deer's head when you can't catch it? The Carters' have another problem to solve in this third installment of Animal Rescue Team!

ISBN 13: 978-0375851339
Reading Level (grade): 3-7