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Scraps of Time: Abby Takes a Stand (2006)

Author: Patricia McKissack Illustrator: Gordon James
Publisher: Viking/Penguin
Number of pages: 112 pages

Why has their grandmother bothered keeping a menu from a restaurant that closed years ago, a restaurant that never served very good food in the first place? Three cousins listen to Gee's own story, set in the early days of lunch counter sit-ins in Nashville, a time when a black child could sit up front in a city bus but still could not get a milk shake at a downtown restaurant. Through the eyes of ten-year-old Abby, young readers see what it was like to live through those days, and they'll come to understand that, like a menu, freedom is about having choices. Each book in this series tells the story behind a different "scrap of time"; together they form a patchwork quilt of one black family's past that stretches back for generations.

ISBN 13: 978-0142406878
Reading Level (grade): 3-7