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Sassy #1: Little Sister is Not My Name (2009)

Author: Sharon M. Draper [link to author's website]
Publisher: Scholastic
Number of pages: 112 pages

It's not easy being nine  especially when you're Sassy Simone Sanford. Especially when you've been named for sticking out your tongue on the day you were born. Especially when everyone in the family calls you Little Sister. And if that's not bad enough, imagine being the youngest in the family. Imagine watching your big brother and sister have all the fun. Imagine being left out of the cool stuff your older sibs get to do  just because you're younger. Just because you're in the fourth grade. Just because Mom and Dad rule. Well, nothing stops Sassy. No way. No how. No, no, no. Not Sassy Simone. All she has to do is reach into her sparkle sack to find the right lip gloss, hair clip, or rubber band, and life's problems get solved. And thanks to her best friends, Carmelita, Jazzy, and Tandy, the most sour situations can become as sweet as honey!

ISBN 13: 978-0545071512
Reading Level (grade): 2-5