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Amy Hodgepodge #1: All Mixed Up (2008)

Author: Kevin Knott & Kim Wayans Illustrator: Soo Jeong
Publisher: Grosset and Dunlap/Penguin
Number of pages: 112 pages

After years of being home schooled, Amy Hodges is excited to start fourth grade at a "real" school. On Amy's first day, she gets teased not only because she is new, but also because she looks different. Amy is part Asian, Caucasian, and African American. Eventually, Amy meets a group of nice kids and one of them even affectionately gives her the nickname "Amy Hodgepodge" since she's a mix of so many races. But when their teacher announces that the annual talent show is coming up, Amy wonders if her new friends will want to include her, too.

ISBN 13: 9780448448541
Reading Level (grade): 2-4