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Problem With Being Slightly Heroic (2013)

Author: Uma Krishnaswami Illustrator: Abigail Halpin
Publisher: Atheneum
Number of pages: 288 pages

Dini is back from Indiawith Bollywood star Dolly in tow! But life in the States isnt all rose petal milk shakes&Dini and Maddie, very best friends, are back in the same country at the same time! Better still, Dolly Singh, the starriest star in all of Bollywood, is in America too. Dinis only just returned from India, and already life is shaping up to be as delicious as a rose petal milk shake. Perfect. Then why cant she untie the knot in her stomach? Because so much can go wrong when a big star like Dolly is in town. All Dini has to do is make sure Dolly has everything she needs, from a rose petal milk shake to her lost passport to&a parade? And an elephant? Uh-oh& Its time to think. What Would Dolly Do? If Dini cant figure it out, Dolly might take matters into her own handsand that will surely lead to the biggest mess of all!

ISBN 13: 9781442423282
Reading Level (grade): 4.3
Reading Level (A-Z): Q