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Grand Plan to Fix Everything, The (2011)

Author: Uma Krishnaswami Illustrator: Abigail Halpin
Publisher: Atheneum
Number of pages: 288 pages

Eleven-year old Dini loves movieswatching them, reading about them, trying to write her ownespecially those oh-so-fabulous Bollywood movies where you dont need to know the language to get whats going on. But when her mother reveals some big news, it does not at all jibe with the script Dini had in mind. Her family is moving to India. And not even to Bombay, which is the center of the filmi universe (and home to Dinis all-time most favorite star, Dolly Singh). No, theyre moving to a teeny, tiny town that she cant even find on a map: Swapnagiri. It means Dream Mountain, a sleepy little place where nothing interesting can happen.... But wait a movie minute! Swapnagiri is full of surprises like rose petal milk shakes, mischievous monkeys, a girl who chirps like a bird, and...could it be...Dolly herself?

ISBN 13: 9781416995906
Reading Level (grade): 4.6
Reading Level (A-Z): R