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Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd Street, The (2007)

Author: Sharon G. Flake Illustrator: Frank Morrison
Publisher: Jump at the Sun/ Hyperion
Number of pages: 144 pages

Queens house is the biggest one on 33rd Street--it looks just like a castle, across the street from the John Howard Housing Projects. Queen thinks shes a real queen, and she treats everyone, even her teacher, like her royal subjects. When a new kid comes to Queens school, riding a broken bike and wearing worn-out clothes, Queen joins her classmates in making fun of him. Her parents insist she be nice to Leroy, but Queen doesn't see why she should. When Leroy says hes an African prince from Senegal, Queen makes it her mission to prove Leroy is an impostor. But as she gets closer to discovering Leroys real story, Queen learns the unexpected from her broken bike boy: what being a good friend and happily ever after really mean.

ISBN 13: 978-1423100355
Reading Level (grade): 3.5
Reading Level (A-Z): O