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Gift From Papa Diego, A / Un regalo de Papá Diego (1998)

Author: Benjamin Alire Sáenz Illustrator: Geronimo Garcia
Publisher: Cinco Puntos
Number of pages: 40 pages

Little Diego loves his grandfather, but they don't see each other often because Papá Diego lives in Mexico and Little Diego lives in Texas across the border. One day Little Diego's father gives him a pile of comic books that his father had when he was growing up. In those comic books Little Diego discovers Superman. Maybe if he was like Superman, then he could fly off to see his grandfather in Mexico! So Little Diego tells his mother that he wants a Superman outfit for his birthday. His parents buy him one, but, of course, Little Diego cannot fly. He's heart-broken. Still, because he has had the daring to imagine, a wonderful event occurs and he enjoys one of his happiest birthdays ever!

ISBN 13: 9780938317333
Reading Level (grade): 3.6
Reading Level (A-Z): O

Available in English and Spanish.