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From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun (2010)

Author: Woodson, Jaqueline Publisher: Puffin/Penguin
Number of pages: 176 pages

Melanin Sun and Mama have always been the whole family, with a special closeness that no one has ever been able to come between. But all that has changed. Suddenly, Mama is shutting doors that were always kept open  and Melanin Sun begins to realize she's been keeping secrets from him for a long, long time. For Melanin Sun, the truth is worse than anything he could have imagined. So is the humiliation from the cruel gossip that's been going around the neighborhood. The change in his relationship with Mama is painful enough. But now Melanin Sun must face his own deepest fears and prejudices  if he and Mama are ever to be whole again.

ISBN 13: 978-0142416419
Reading Level (grade): 4.0