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Crazy Weekend (1994)

Author: Soto, Gary Publisher: Persea Books
Number of pages: 144 pages

It's summer in East Los Angeles, and Hector and his best amigo Mando are bored. but when they spend the weekend in Fresno with Uncle Julio, a freelance photographer, things heat up. Uncle Julio takes the boys on a photo shoot up in a rickety old airplane. Flying over the highway, they spot an armored car heist, and Uncle Julio snaps some shots of the robbers. After they report what they saw to the local newspaper, pictures of Hector and Mando appear in the next morning's edition. The robbers - two of the most inept thugs ever to steal anything - decide to teach the boys a lesson. When the two dumb thugs and the two quick-witted boys meet up, the results are hilarious. 

ISBN 13: 978-0892552863
Reading Level (grade): 4.6