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Carmen: An Urban Adaptation (2011)

Author: Myers, Walter Dean Publisher: EgmontUSA/Random House
Number of pages: 160 pages

Into the summer heat of New Yorks Spanish Harlem strides Carmen, a chica who is as hot as the sizzling city streets. When she first meets José, she falls for him hard. Hes not like the gansta types she knowstipo duros who are tough, who think they are players. But José has a quick temper, and he likes to get his own way. And nobody gets in Carmens way. When Escamillo rolls into town, everyone takes notice of the Latino Jay-Za quadruple-threat singer/rapper/producer/businessman. But he only notices one personCarmen. And Carmen has given up on Joséhes not going to get her out of her tough neighborhood, el barrio, and into the action. Escamillo will. But José wont let that happen. Passion, love, and betrayal explode into tragedy in this modern retelling of an enduring love story. 

ISBN 13: 978-1606841150
Reading Level (grade): 4.1