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Sparrow (2008)

Author: Smith, Sheri Publisher: Delacorte Books/Random House
Number of pages: 192 pages

"Family sticks with family. Thats the golden rule Gma taught Kendall. But once Gmas gone, Kendall has no family leftexcept for an aunt Gma asked for at the end, who Kendall barely remembers. Only Aunt Janet knows what Gma had in mind, but she never even shows up at the funeral. With child services on Kendalls case and just 10 days to get her apartment lease renewed, Kendall sets out for Janets home in New Orleans to get her life in orderand her questions answered. But what she finds are new friends, like Evie, who is confined to a wheelchair, but can sing like the women on Gmas old records; Miss Clare, who needs Kendalls help as much as Kendall needs hers; and Marcus, who is younger than them all, but still knows how to get by. And when Mardi Gras arrives, with its parades and prizes and music, anything seems possibleeven making a fresh start, with or without Janet."

ISBN 13: 978-0385733243
Reading Level (grade): 3.6