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Off-Color (2007)

Author: McDonald, Janet Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux/Macmillan
Number of pages: 163 pages

Spunky and headstrong, Cameron blasts music, challenges adults, and cuts class when she feels like it. She lives with her single mom in Brooklyn and hangs out with best friends Amanda, P, and Crystal. Life in their working-class neighborhood is pretty cool until Camerons mother suddenly loses her job and can no longer afford the rent. Move to public housing? YG2BK! But no ones kidding, and Cameron finds herself living in the projects. Can a white girl from across town hope to be accepted by the black girls in the projects? A revelation from the past forces Cameron to confront a startling truth that just might put things in perspective . . . that is, if Cameron can handle it.

ISBN 13: 978-0374371968
Reading Level (grade): 4.9