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No Place (1999)

Author: Haugaard, Kay Publisher: Milkweed Press
Number of pages: 140 pages

"Having no place to play in their run-down inner city neighborhood, twelve-year-old Arturo and the other kids in his sixth-grade class decide to turn a vacant lot into a playground. At first even Arturo thinks his idea might be stupid. His brother and the other gang members in Los Vatos Locos make fun of him and some of the school officials are very skeptical. But, with their teacher's help, the kids create a plan to build community support for the park. Inspired by actual events that led to Estrella Children's Park in central Los Angeles. Through the story of Arturo and his friends, No Place offers inspiration to kids and practical instruction about how to take a good idea and make it a reality. "

ISBN 13: 978-1571316752
Reading Level (grade): 4.6