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La Linea (2006)

Author: Jaramillo, Ann Publisher: Macmillan
Number of pages: 144 pages

"Miguel has dreamed of joining his parents in California since the day they left him behind in Mexico six years, eleven months, and twelve days ago. On the morning of his fifteenth birthday, Miguels wait is over. Or so he thinks. The trip north to the borderla lĂ­neais fraught with dangers. Thieves. Border guards. And a grueling, two-day trek across the desert. It would be hard enough to survive alone. But its almost impossible with his tagalong sister in tow. Their money gone and their hopes nearly dashed, Miguel and his sister have no choice but to hop the infamous mata gente as it races toward the border. As they cling to the roof of the speeding train, they hold onto each other, and to their dreams. But they quickly learn that you cant always count on dreamseven the ones that come true."

ISBN 13: 978-1596431546
Reading Level (grade): 4.3