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Hush (2002)

Author: Woodson, Jacqueline [link to author's website]
Publisher: Speak/Penguin
Number of pages: pages

"Evie Thomas is not who she used to be. Once she had a best friend, a happy home and a loving grandmother living nearby. Once her name was Toswiah. Now, everything is different. Her family has been forced to move to a new place and change their identities. But that's not all that has changed. Her once lively father has become depressed and quiet. Her mother leaves teaching behind and clings to a new-found religion. Her only sister is making secret plans to leave. And Evie, struggling to find her way in a new city where kids aren't friendly and the terrain is as unfamiliar as her name, wonders who she is. "

ISBN 13: 978-0142415511
Reading Level (grade): 4.2