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How Tia Lola Saved the Summer (2012)

Author: Alvarez, Julia Publisher: Yearling/Random House
Number of pages: 176 pages

"Miguel Guzman isn't exactly looking forward to the summer now that his mother has agreed to let the Sword familya father, his three daughters, and their doglive with them while they decide whether or not to move to Vermont. Little does Miguel know his aunt has something up her sleeve that just may make this the best summer ever. With her usual flair for creativity and fun, Tía Lola decides to start a summer camp for Miguel, his little sister, and the three Sword girls, complete with magical swords, nighttime treasure hunts, campfires, barbecues, and an end-of-summer surprise! "

ISBN 13: 978-0375866876
Reading Level (grade): 5.5