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How to Lose Your Class Pet (Willimena Rules #1) (2003)

Author: Valerie Wilson Wesley Illustrator: Maryn Roos
Publisher: Hyperion
Number of pages: 89 pages

Mrs. Sweetly was the meanest teacher in the Harriet Tubman School. Oh, and did I also mention she was going to be my third-grade teacher?! After the first day of school, I knew I had to have a Secret Plan: To Get Mean Old Mrs. Sweetly to Like Me! That's when I decided to be very helpful and volunteer for everything. So when I, Willimena Thomas, sweetly volunteered to take care of Lester, our class guinea pig, I had no idea it would begin the worst weekend of my life...

ISBN 13: 978-0786813223
Reading Level (grade): 3.6

Available in English.