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Great Migration: An American Story (1993)

Author: Jacob Lawrence Illustrator: Jacob Lawrence
Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of pages: 48 pages

Around the time of WWI, large numbers of African Americans began leaving their homes in the rural South in search of employment in the industrial cities of the North. In 1940, Lawrence chronicled their journey of hope in a flowing narrative sequence of paintings."This stirring picture book brings together the sixty panels of Lawrence's epic narrative Migration series, which he created in 1940-1941. They tell of the journey of African-Americans who left their homes in the South around World War I and traveled in search of better lives in the northern industrial cities. Lawrence is a storyteller with words as well as pictures: his captions and introduction to this book are the best commentary on his work.

ISBN 13: 9780064434287
Reading Level (grade): 5.1

Available in English.