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I Know the River Loves Me (2009)

Author: Gonzales, Maya Christina Illustrator: Gonzales, Maya Christina
Publisher: Children's Book Press
Number of pages: 24 pages

Listen. . . Can you hear the river calling you? Rushing and bubbling, splashing or still, the river has so much to teach us. Whenever Maya visits the river, the river jumps up to greet her. It cools her down when the summer sun is too hot, and holds her up when she dives in. It keeps her company in the quiet of winter. The river takes care of Maya and Maya takes care of the river. In this gentle story of love and respect for nature, Maya Christina Gonzalez combines her award-winning talents as an artist and storyteller. Young readers will be inspired by the joy and wonder of being outdoors, and learn powerful lessons about their environment and themselves.

ISBN 13: 978-0-89239-233-9

Available in English and Spanish.