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How to Face Up to the Class Bully (Willimena Rules! Book #6) (2007)

Author: Wesley, Valerie Wilson Illustrator: Roos, Maryn
Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of pages: 112 pages

Great things usually happen in September. Except when you get the back-to-school blues, caused by being in a new class, with new kids and a new teacher. Tina, Willimena’s know-it-all big sister, advises Willimena just to smile and be nice. But a smile and “nice” won’t get you very far if the class bully -- also known as “mean Irene” -- jumps in your face. What can Willie do to save the school year from being totally disastrous?

ISBN 13: 978-0786855254
Reading Level (grade): 3.8
Reading Level (A-Z): P